Angling is a pastime activity that is fast gaining popularity amongst vacationers. Nowadays, many people pack up and travel far to get to the best rivers for catching fish. One memorable way to spend your vacation with your loved ones is to go fly fishing Fraser River.

The stream is generally renowned as the main tributary of the Colorado. Its unique aspects when it comes to supporting large and small scale angling are what endear it to many anglers. It starts at the Berthoud Pass and meanders north to Granby for 32 miles. It harbors incredible populations of cutthroat, wild rainbow, brown and brook trout.

One factor that sets it apart from other rivers is that its general course is marked by meandering runs, riffles and sprouted sections that create deep bend pools. One can make a good catch depending on the season visited. A good time to catch salmon is at the start of July down to mid November. Trout are always present anytime from March to November.

The effort spent to access the waterway largely depends on where one approaches from. National forestland occupies much of the first eight miles as the course proceeds north. As the national forestland is a designated park with reliable roads, accessibility through it is easy. While the water at the point is largely shallow and narrow, it still harbors decent amounts of fish.

As you proceed downstream, accessibility may be limited. This is especially so as you approach the town of Fraser. The best spots are located further down towards the canyons near Tabernash. Mountain bikes are great when it comes to accessing areas with rough terrain.

There are numerous local resorts offering full board facilities to visitors. A large percentage of them lie next to the course of the stream and therefore provide excellent settings for uninterrupted angling. In case you plan to board in a resort during the course of your vacation, ensure your budget covers the cost of angling as some resorts charge extra for this activity.

The best part about staying in a resort is that you get to sample exotic menus. Most menus consist of freshly caught fish blended with different cuisines. Fish may also be barbecued, smoked or fried and served with vegetable salads and French fries.

As you prepare, you should do your homework on the right angling equipment. Your resort may offer equipment in case you do not carry any. However, you may have to pay extra for such services.

Standard gear includes waders, reels, rods and flies. Many anglers who vacation in RVs prefer carrying their own equipment. There are stores that sell quality equipment as well. Moreover, they are often run by people who know the right techniques to use to tie angling flies for inexperienced customers.

There is plenty to long for in your expedition. As long as you prepare well, you family should be in for a memorable adventure. If you do not know where to begin, you may refer to the internet for research.

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