Wales is one of the most rewarding tourism destinations around the world. It provides the best connections from any city in the world. There are numerous options to connect to wonderful attractions including train, water, road and air. Tourism agents will help you develop an excellent package for you to travel to Wales. However, you can still avoid the agents by developing a DIY plan.

The Welsh are blessed with the most exquisite beaches. These fine stretches of beach sand run for a whopping 750 miles. They have consistently been ranked top by travel agents in terms of diversity and availability of amenities for tourists. They are open to the public and served by the most convenient infrastructure including speed boats and roads. This is your ultimate idea of a beach vacation.

Wildlife lovers have an unending serving of marine and forest attractions. Birds are also included in the package. Among the famous birds are falcons and red kites. Sea attractions include whales, dolphins and sharks of all varieties and sizes. There are experienced and knowledgeable tour guides to accompany you all the way.

The railway network is amazing. It takes you through coastlines and country sides that are picturesque and magnificent. They present a perfect idea for telegram travelers. The Efestiniog Railway is a famous narrow gauge track that stretches over 13 miles. It takes you into the Snowdonia National Park after winding through forests. There are other forgotten railway stations that you can visit along the way, including the Sugar Loaf station whose average patronage is five passengers in a month.

Do you love mountaineering? Then, Snowdon is waiting for you. This is considered the loftiest mountain in UK. It also ranks third highest. This is a mountain easy to conquer even for an amateur. When you hit the top, you will get an awesome reward in the form of a magnificent view. These are memories worth making. If climbing to the top is not your idea of fun, there is a railway line to get you there.

Wales also has an excellent proposition for water lovers. If you would love to surf on the most majestic waves, you need to book the next trip. The Conwy Valley on the Atlantic coast is your perfect destination. This area also has an artificial wave lagoon. It generates waves of different magnitudes that will help surfs horn their skills on the board.

Cliff lovers have a share of fun too in Wales. One of the attractions is camping on a cliff at Anglesey. Yes! An opportunity to spend the night suspended on a rock. This is the first experience in UK and is run by professional in adventure. Besides camping, you can jump off one and enjoy the reception of the sea below. This is an adrenaline filled height experience.

Are you looking for a place to relax and unwind? There are world class hotels in the most exquisite locations. You have golf courses for tee lovers and exclusive lodges where you can enjoy your retreat moment. The people here are hospitable with practically any amenity you would want. With the Welsh being English speakers, you will have no problem communicating.

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