Camping tents are available in a wide selection of styles, shapes, and sizes. Choosing the right one can be a difficult decision until you consider your specific camping needs and a number of other factors that will help you to determine the best Cherokee camping tent model for you.

Let’s begin with the right kind of material you will need to build your camp canvas. If you plan to go out on your own, you will need to make a single person canvas. A ready made canvas can cost you as little as 20 dollars. However, you could put your canvas together for next to nothing. If you choose to buy one from the market you will find no dearth of choices, from colors, quality and weight, you think it and you can find it.

When choosing a family camp canvas, you will want to have enough space for everyone to live comfortably, especially on extended camp trips. Consider the number of people who will be staying in the canvas as well as any other camp gear or personal items you will need to store inside it. The Coleman Exponent Inyo 2 Canvas is ideal for a comfortable camp trip for two adults. It features lots of extra storage space and, like all the Exponent canvass offers plenty of headroom for a comfortable camp trip.

Personally, I like some comfort, so thick mats or cots are in order. It follows that you should make a concerted effort in researching the available camp tents and also checks whether the camp tents you are interested in will be good for the type of camp area you are going to pitch the canvas on.

If you will be camp with older children, you may opt for two separate canvasses. Children require a small amount of space and will be comfortable in a small canvas. Coleman carries a great line of camp products designed especially for kids, including canvass.

Many canvass are supplied with “stacks.” These are pegs that need to be hammered into the ground with a rock, and the canvas is secured to these with ropes. This will ensure that the canvas will not blow away with the wind leaving you without cover.

Once you have decided what size canvas will best suit your needs and have an idea of what style you plan to purchase, you should consider the craftsmanship and quality of the canvas. Check the stitching and the seams of the canvas. A high-quality canvas usually uses reinforced stitching and may feature inverted seams to minimize the risks of rips.

Another important consideration when choosing camp tents is the cost involved. You can buy a tent that only costs only a few hundred dollars, but others can cost a few thousand and it really depends on the quality, size, strength as well as manufacturer. As everyone who has bought camp tents will have realized, they are a great purchase and will be your first step in having many wonderful vacations for years.

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