Did you know that castles are, to an extent, defined as houses? It might be a surprise to you, but this classification is worth noting, especially for those who are interested in luxury house plans that can be found in their areas. As a matter of fact, there are several castles that exist around the world, many of which draw in visitors. For those who have the itch to travel, here are 4 of the most impressive castles that you should see in your lifetime.

Le Chateau Frontenac – Not only is this one of the most impressive structures in Quebec, but it stands as a luxury hotel to boot. Companies such as The Plan Collection will tell you the same, as Le Chateau Frontenac is one of the province’s most noteworthy landmarks. It goes back over a century in history, which means that it’s quite worthwhile for historians to look into as well. Anyone who develops traditional luxury house plans will tell you that this is a remarkable spot to visit.

Matsumoto Castle – If you’re planning on making a trip to Japan, Matsumoto Castle is one of the many stops you should make. It is arguably the most historic castle in the country, seeing as how it goes back to 1592, during the Sengoku period. Like other locations on this list, it’s an amazing attraction for visitors, especially during the evening when it’s illuminated. Matsumoto Castle is regarded as one of the “National Treasures of Japan,” and deservedly so.

Windsor Castle – To say that Windsor Castle is old would be putting it lightly. It was constructed in the UK during the 11th century and stands as one of the oldest castles in the entire world. It has seen many historic events, the English Civil War included, and remains in activity today. As a matter of fact, this popular attraction is maintained by more than 500 employees, which means that it stands strong to this very day.

Corvin Castle – This is an especially worthwhile attraction if you’re into anything gothic. The Corvin Castle – otherwise known as the Hunyad Castle – in Romania is among the biggest castles in Europe. Not only does it feature a gothic aesthetic, but it’s been rumored that Bram Stoker received his inspiration from Dracula here. Of course, this is more or less speculation that’s continually passed along. Regardless, the eye-catching Corvin Castle cannot be easily overlooked.

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