There are many Christmas decorations and it’s safe to assume that you have a favorite one. Regardless of how much joy it brings to you, chances are that you don’t know everything about it. For those that are setting up their own Christmas decorations, there are many interesting facts that tend to go overlooked. In fact, here are just 4 of the aforementioned fact that Christmas Light Installation Long Island companies will be able to tell you all about.

To start off, did you know that the first array of electric Christmas lights was invented by none other than Thomas Edison? Yes, the same man that was responsible for devices like the phonograph and the light bulbs we use today has also been influential for creating holiday season traditions. He displayed the first electric Christmas lights back in 1880. Seeing as how most people would try to use candles as their own lights beforehand, this was an extraordinary development.

According to companies like Alternative Earthcare, Christmas trees goes back all the way to 15th century Germany. Evergreen trees were used during this time, as they were decorated with a number of “ornaments.” While they used apples and wafers, obviously ornaments have evolved quite a bit since then. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see where the modern-day Christmas tree originated. There are many other Christmas-related facts that Hampton tick control companies can tell you of.

If you’re familiar with fairytales, you might already have an idea of where gingerbread houses came from. For those that don’t, the houses in question are connected to the story of Hansel and Gretel, the two siblings that encountered a witch in her home. It was made out of different sweets, ranging from licorice to gingerbread cookies. As families create these miniature houses together, there should be an understanding of the tale associated with them.

Finally, many people do not know where candy canes came from. If you’d like to learn more, you should know that they were created around the 1600s in Cologne, Germany. Even though their main purpose was to quiet children during church, they have since become a Christmas tradition. In fact, other flavors have been created since then. Even with the flavors in question, most people seem to familiar the traditional red and white striped candy.

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